Tri-OKC Trail Race Series

New for 2017/2018 season is the Tri-OKC Trail race to be hosted along with 3 Trail Races in the surrounding metro area locations. We have a points system to allow for various distances and build into the Tri-OKC Memorial Trail Race on February 17th. For the series you must complete one of each distance: short, medium, and long at each race, in no particular order! Athletes will then be ranked by finish times, and MUST be Tri-OKC members for Series Ranking! 

triokc foot.png

Starting on December 2nd,  Protect Our Oklahoma Parks

(POOP) Trail Run being held at Lake Thunderbird. To Learn More Click the Logo to the left!   


Next Race will be January 20th, held as Sooner State Games. Held at Lake Stanley Draper Trails. To Learn More Click the Logo to the left!  

Tri-OKC Memorial Trail Race- February 17th- SCIP Recreational Trail. To Learn More Click the Logo to the Left!