Oklahoma Aquathlon Team Relay Championship

June 15th 2019

Teams of 4 will compete to be state champions! Teams will consist of 2 men and 2 women! Each will complete a 300m swim and a 1 mile run, before tagging off to the next athlete. Once the last of the four athlete team crosses the line a winner will be declared! 

Order will go how it should always be- Ladies first, then first male, followed by female 2, and finishing off with the second male.

  • Payout to Top 3 teams:
    $40 to winning team to split, $30 to 2nd place, $20 to 3rd Place.

  • Also hardware for Top 3 Teams.

    Registration will begin at 8am- charge is $20 per team. The race will start at 9am sharp! Please bring Cash or Check.

Entrance to the park is $6 per vehicle per City of Edmond. 


Male 1 *
Male 1
Female 1 *
Female 1
Male 2 *
Male 2
Female 2 *
Female 2
I Acknowledge This Event is a $20 Charge per Team & Will Provide Payment Prior to the Race Start. *